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                        -=[ UHC TOOLS ]=-

 This is a collection of programs and scripts for Amiga computers and their

 How to install:
 There are two options to install. Both require an internet connection on
 the machine you are installing on:

 - If you already have aget or wget on the machine, then just download the
   installation script uhc.driar.se/uhcinstall and launch it with execute:


 - The other option is to download uhc.driar.se/UHCTools.lha, which bundles
   a small installation script with aget to bootstrap the install:


 A changelog can be found here.

 The following programs and scripts are currently included in the package.

 aget          - A http download tool.
 AskMore       - Asks the user a question and saves the answer in local env.
 BreakForEach  - Used by ForEachLine.
 EndForEach    - Used by ForEachLine.
 FlushDevice   - Flushes cached writes to a device.
 ForEachLine   - Loop over each line of a file in a script.
 ModifyPath    - String manipulator that can get parts of a given path.
 NoClick       - Minimal noclick-program that disables the clicking noise on
                 all floppydrives in a system.
 Reboot        - Reboots the computer.
 SetResult     - Sets Returncodes to a given value.
 sntp          - NTP/SNTP time sync utility.
 SetFromCmd    - Set env from output of command. The command result will be
                 returned to $RC, which regular "Set and backticks" won't do.
 StackSize     - Prints the stack size in a format usable in scripts.
 SynergyClient - Control mouse and keyboard from another computer.
 TCPBlock      - Connects to a host socket and only reads data when you press 
                 enter, causing the other side to block
 TCPEcho       - Echoes data to a host socket and displays the response if 
 TCPRec        - Like TCPEcho but in reverse.
 TCPSend       - Send data to a host socket.
 time          - Very small time measurement utility.
 UTF8Echo      - Converts a ISO8859-1 string to UTF8 and echoes it to STDOUT.

 bootablerad   - Prepares RAD: with an empty floppyimage with a bootblock.
 checkifsys    - Checks if a Volume/Device is SYS: or not.
 detectos      - A script that tries to figure out if it's running under
                 AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS or AROS.
 dirs          - Displays directory stack.
 drawertoadf   - Makes a floppy of all files in a drawer (directory).
 extracttag    - Can extract text from tags i markup-language files.
 formatpath    - Similiar to ModifyPath but uses LFORMAT-like syntax.
 head          - Reads the first few lines of a text-file.
 help          - Help-system, same as uhchelp.
 installdeps   - Downloads and installs 68020 versions of programs a few
                 scripts rely on.
 popd          - Retrieves the newest directory from the stack.
 posttoslack   - Post a message to a Slack messageboard.
 pushd         - Pushes current dir to the directory stack.
 tail          - Reads the last few lines of a text-file.
 typeline      - Types out a specific line-number from a textfile.
 uhccheck      - Checks if a new version of UHCTools is available.
 uhcextract    - Masterscript for extract-scripts.
 uhcget        - Masterscript for get-scripts.
 uhchelp       - Help-system, same as help.
 uhchtmlreadme - Masterscript for extracting readmes from HTML-files.
 uhcmirrorget  - Masterscript for downloading files using a Mirror-List.
 uhcrecent     - Masterscript for displaying recent files.
 uhcresultpath - Masterscript used by get/readme/extract-scripts.
 uhcsearch     - Masterscript for search-scripts.
 uhcstatus     - Shows all UHC-related ENV-variables.
 uhctextreadme - Masterscript for text readmes.
 uhctoggle     - Toggles UHC-related ENV-variables that have two states.
 uhcupdate     - Updates UHC Tools to the latest version.
 unpack        - Can unpack various archives by checking the file extension
                 of the archive and launch the apropriate unpacking-tool.


   aminetextract     - Downloads and extracts a file from Aminet.
   aminetget         - Downloads a file from Aminet.
   aminetreadme      - Downloads a readme-file from Aminet and displays it.
   aminetrecent      - Displays recent Aminet-files.
   aminetsearch      - Searches Aminet for files.

 AROS Archives:
   arosextract       - Downloads and extracts a file from AROS Archives.
   arosget           - Downloads a file from AROS Archives.
   arosreadme        - Downloads a readme-file from AROS Archives and displays it.
   arosrecent        - Displays recent AROS Archives files.
   arossearch        - Searches AROS Archives for files.

 MorphOS Storage:
   mosstorageextract - Downloads and extracts a file from MorphOS Storage.
   mosstorageget     - Downloads a file from MorphOS Storage.
   mosstoragereadme  - Downloads a readme-file from MorphOS Storage and displays it.
   mosstoragerecent  - Displays recent MorphOS Storage files.
   mosstoragesearch  - Searches MorphOS Storage for files.

 OS4 Depot:
   depotextract      - Downloads and extracts a file from OS4 Depot.
   depotget          - Downloads a file from OS4 Depot
   depotreadme       - Downloads a readme-file from OS4 Depot and displays it.
   depotrecent       - Displays recent OS4 Depot files.
   depotsearch       - Searches OS4 Depot for files.

   whdextract        - Downloads and extracts a file from www.whdload.de
   whdget            - Downloads a file from www.whdload.de
   whdreadme         - Downloads a readme-file from www.whdload.de and displays it.
   whdrecent         - Displays recent www.whdload.de files.
   whdsearch         - Searches www.whdload.de for files.

   whdownextract     - Downloads and extracts a file from WHDownload.
   whdownget         - Downloads a file from WHDownload.
   whdownsearch      - Search WHDownload for files.

   scneextract       - Downloads and extracts a file from amigascne.org.
   scneget           - Downloads a file from amigascne.org.
   scnesearch        - Search amigascne.org for demo files.

   modlandget        - Downloads a file from Modland.
   modlandsearch     - Search Modland for modules.

 Fred Fish Disk collection:
   fishextract       - Downloads a file from the Fish collection and extracts it.
   fishget           - Downloads a file from the Fish collection.
   fishreadme        - Downloads a readme-file from the Fish collection and displays it.
   fishsearch        - Searches the Fred Fish Disk collection for files.


 Mirror list: